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March 14th, 2011, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by austinmommy3 View Post
I don't usually go into it, but my two older rainbow babies get pretty irritated if Makenzie is not acknowledged. I think because her pictures are around the house. When people say something to Abbi about being the only girl, she quickly lets them know she has a big sister who is her angel. One woman we know said " well she doesn't count, you are the only girl" Abbi smartly replied " well I guess your mother doesn't count since she is dead and in heaven too" I was beyond proud of my witty little child.

Oh my goodness, I love your daughter and don't even know her. What a FABULOUS come back!

It depends on who I am speaking with. I usually say, "I have 4 children." I don't go into the fact that one is in heaven and one is a foster child. If they press, I'll tell them the whole story, but generally they don't. If it is someone who will eventually hear about Bryan Luke, then I say, "I have 4 kids, but one of them lives in heaven now."

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