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March 15th, 2011, 08:44 AM
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Before Erin was born I always mentioned Cora, regardless of who I was talking to. Because there was such a short time between pregnancies, most of the time between births I was pregnant, so they were always asking if it was my first pregnancy. If I answered "No" then they invariably asked how old my other(s) were, so it ended up becoming "Nobutmyfirstwasstillborn" all in a rush so they didn't have a chance to ask.

Now it's harder. If we're discussing pregnancies, then I'm honest. This is my fourth pregnancy. They don't always ask how old my kids are after that so sometimes I don't go into it.

If they ask how my children I have, well...that's where it gets complicated. Generally I have Erin and Patrick with me and I'll say "just these 2 at home." I've never had someone ask what I mean by that, and whether I have one NOT at home. But, to be honest, I truly do hate leaving Cora out. I always feel guilty afterward. But if I bring her up and things get awkward, then I feel guilty for that too, so there's no winning.

If it's someone I'm likely to come into contact with often, I tell them. I'd rather tell them up front rather than have them find out later and have them think I was keeping her a secret.
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