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March 15th, 2011, 01:50 PM
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There were times when I was pregnant with Henry that strangers or acquaintances would say something to the effect of: "Oh, you finally got your boy!" Most times I responded with a smile and a nod even though I felt horrible for leaving him out. Most situations were just not the kind where one gets into all the detail about such things like baby loss or stillbirth.

I sometimes still don't know how to respond to that dreaded question when asked. I think it's just assumed that I have the number of kids that are with me, ya know? I have a memorial/remembrance tattoo for Duncan on the outside of my left forearm and get asked fairly often (during spring/summer--when it's visible) what it means. I also have his footprints on my feet. This gives me an opportunity to talk about him.

If asked in the future I'll probably just say that Henry is our second son. That Duncan died near term.
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