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March 15th, 2011, 03:24 PM
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I wanted a NCB with my first. I went into labor at 36 weeks. I went to the hospital with no meds in mind. I had to have an antiobiotic but that was IT . I got there about 7am I think. I probably have it all written down at home. Well sadly DD and I were both in trouble. So after hours of labor and no progression past three decision time was coming. There was talk of a C-section because the reality was DD was risking distress and I didn't want that. They wanted to start pitocen. I was already struggling with so much pain that I asked for just a little something to take the edge off. I knew the pitocen would make it worse. That didn't help. With the fear of an emergency C section looming if i didn't start progressing I opted for an epi so that if the worst happened I was numb already. The positive outcome for me was that it helped to bring both our heartrates down and I started progressing. For me the pain keeps me clenched tight and I don't make progress on my own. This is me. It also saved my DD to be honest. I also had an episiotomy with her. She had to come on that push or we would lose her. It was the most scary delivery ever. She had the cord wrapped twice. Thankfully I did well pushing. She was born early and had other troubles so she was rushed off to the NICU. She was brought back to nurse due to low blood sugar, when it still wasn't high enough they gave her a bottle. We never did really nurse again, but she doesn't have brain damage so I don't regret my decision one bit .
With my son I chose to be induced at 39 weeks. 2 hours of pitocen and one push we were done . I had an epi as the pitocen was started, I learned my lesson.

I tell you my DD's story so that you know, stuff happens. I had a midwife and they knew I wanted to go unmedicated. The hospital never pressured me to get meds (love California hippies). But things changed and I had to flex with them. My daughters life was worth it. I love her very much. I am sure if we had not gone in that early in labor things could have gone differently. Have a plan, but be flexiable. I hope you get the natural birth you want.

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