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March 15th, 2011, 04:04 PM
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I had a natural childbirth with my second daughter at our local free standing birth center. I delivered her only 1 hr after getting there (started pushing after only being there for 30 minutes). They joked with me at the time that I should consider a home birth the next time since I'm likely to go even faster (total labor and pushing with my first was 6.5 hrs, and 3 hrs with my second). Well, I am going for a home birth this time! I'll be using the same midwives that delivered my daughter. This assuming that I don't risk out with gestational diabetes or something, but I hope I can deliver at home! At my first appointment in two weeks we will discuss the birth plan, including emergency precautions and plan. There will be two midwives present for the birth, and they have IV fluids, pitocin, antibiotics, O2, etc. if needed. I live 4 miles from the hospital and just a few blocks from the nearest fire station, so if there is an emergency I wouldn't have to go far. I've had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries with my two daughters, so (knock on wood) I'm relatively low risk. We are doing extra ultrasounds this time just because of my age, though.
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