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March 16th, 2011, 07:57 AM
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I know I haven't been on here in quite a while, the past couple of months have been crazy busy.

Anyway, I have a question for all you veteran step-parents.

So here's what's going on. My husband has split custody of his 19month old son, we get him every two weeks for two weeks. While we have him he spends a few hours a couple days a week in daycare. My step-sons daycare requires his shot record which we were able to get through the military. After receiving it we learned that he is missing about three shots. Since, until just recently his mother was the primary custodial parent she has been the one dealing with his check-ups and shots so we had no control over any of it. My step-sons daycare told us that he can remain in the daycare only until the 30th of this month if he doesn't receive these shots. So we contacted the bio-mom and let her know that her son needs these shots but since the medical insurance changed and now she will have to pay a whopping $20 co-pay instead of nothing she wants my husband to take him in for the shots and said she won't do it. That's not a big deal for us to take the kid in for his shots, its kinda pathetic on her part but not really surprising. But here's the problem, my husband literally just started his new job and can't really request any time off yet so after next Friday when we get him back I'll have to take my step son for his shots. My only concern with this is that I am not legally anything to him, can I even authorize these shots? My biggest concern is that I get him his shots and later on when bio-mom gets an updated version of the shot record and see's my signature on it authorizing the shots that she can maybe some how bring some kind of legal actions against me for lying, I really don't know if I'm being too overly paranoid or if legally I really have no grounds to authorize these shots. How does this work? Can I authorize the shots or no?

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