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March 16th, 2011, 09:45 AM
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Thanks so much for all the responses ladies!!!!! Our BTDT moms have been through a lot of different experiences, thanks so much for sharing your (short version) birth stories. You are ALL inspirational and everyone's story helps me understand the possibilities of what can happen in childbirth.

Kelly, you are AMAZING, until I read your stories I did not even know it was possible to get pitocin and not require an epi!!!! And your advice to find a doula is fantastic, and I wish I could, but unfortunately they do not exist in my neck of the woods. I'm lucky enough to have a pro-breastfeeding hospital in Mississippi. I'm trying to train DH to help, his job will be to continually tell me what a great job I'm doing, or shut up and leave me alone, or rub my back, or do whatever I tell him to. He's very patient and calm, and I think he'll be good for me.

And thanks for the advice everyone... I am definitely trying to stay flexible and be in a state to accept it if something unavoidable happened that precluded a NCB, while still preparing as best I can for a successful NCB. I have also read about various complications and how serious they are. I think this information is important to know, because although I would be disappointed in myself for consenting to induction just for borderline-low amniotic fluid at 38 weeks, I would not hesitate to have an immediate c-section if they saw the beginnings of a placental abruption, for example.

I will just keep listening to my guided imagery and maybe do some "Birthing From Within" exercises... ease off the "research" on complications as I approach the due date... read a lot of NCB stories and Ina May Gaskin (I looooove Spiritual Midwifery). And try to be as zen as I can about the whole thing. Thanks again ladies!!!

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