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March 16th, 2011, 10:26 AM
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We lost our first Angel at somewhere between 4-5 weeks about a year and eight months ago. I got my bfp today. I was thinking "Ok I'll wake up now and test and just go back to bed. It'll be negative anyways." Well, I got a second line right away. I was only half awake, so I thought I was dreaming when that second line popped up.

I'll have to admit now I'm getting a bit nervous, but I guess that's natural. AF was due today. I'm cramping a little. Just little tinges really. Kinda different from AF cramps. I have a week to go before we reach our milestone with this bean. With my angel, I found out I was pregnant, and a week later miscarried. Some minutes I'm more nervous than excited and other moments I'm more excited than nervous. Am I nuts or is this normal?

Thanks for reading.. sorry it got a bit long.

Edited to add: Is it safe to chew sugar free gum while pregnant? Chewing gum really helps to chew me down. I wont if it's unsafe. Would gum with real sugar be better?

Edited to add: UPDATE

Just told DH.. He just got the biggest fit the giggles. We held each other and laughed and I cried and yeah.. good day. I had to wait through a four hour shift and didn't say a word. You ladies knew before DH. DH walked in the door a little bit ago, I showed him the test and he was like "Wow! That's a nice strong line for this early! I think that's a good sign." He's so happy and I am too.
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