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March 16th, 2011, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by SarahBethsMommy View Post
I know nothing about Ohio specifically. I'd ask your caseworker as they'd know better than most. Have you checked into how to get the special needs subsidy too? I know with our man, we can get it but it is a lot of paperwork. And in Alabama (I think everywhere) children adopted through foster care will keep their medicaid until they are around 18-19 years old.
I plan on taking advantage of everything possible, no matter how much paper work is involved. I do know that he will be getting his medicaid until he's 21 for being a special needs adoption and then I will have to re-apply him as an adult with a disability once he's older. The area in KY that I am from is pretty poverty stricken and it seems medicaid cards are a birth right, lol, so I don't think he will any issues getting his medical card or finding a decent doctor. Almost every doctor around me accepts medicaid. As far as the subsidies, I am under the assumption we will be receiving on from his state for his adoption and a federal subsidy for his special needs. Since he is labelled as severe and with adhd he should get a pretty good sum each month which will help tremendously because we will be getting in home speech therapies and things and will try anything we think will help or benefit him, no matter the cost. His group of workers are wearing me out, they didn't want to help us with his medication problems (he will not take pills or liquid and if it's hidden or crushed and dissolved he knows and will not eat or drink) 6 months ago before they even thought about adoptively placing him in our home, now they want to do something and delay the move. I finally told them not to worry about it because all his doctors will change once he is in our care, we didn't care a thing for any of his doctors (especially after all of them told us it was a waste of our time and that he should be institutionalized and he will be in a few years regardless of what we do) So stressful!!!
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