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March 16th, 2011, 11:45 PM
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the way it was explained to me was that the angle from the midline of the eye to how it drifts is 35 degrees. She sees double and 5she has no depth preception. It is like she sees everything as a painting with no depth. I researched and found the actual treatment and it worries me but not as much as doing nothing does. The surgery she will need is taing the muscles around the eye and cutting some of them so her eyes can't drift as much. What I read this surgery will have to be repeated several times as she gets older and may not actually help at all. It may only give the look fo straight forward eyes. We have to see if the brain will work to readjust to using both eyes correctly as she gets older.The doctor wanted us to wait 4 months for the next appointment so he can get a second measurement of her eyes so he can get an exact measurment on where he needs to cut. He also mentioned that this is more common for him to see in premature children. Jamie was a week and a half overdue so I got to reflecting on my pregnancy. I did not know I was pregnant untill I was 24 weeks along and before then I ate a bag of chips and a pop and that was it for the day. I feel like I am at blame for her eyes because if I would have taken care of myslf then she may not be having these problems now. They did dilate her eyes and all of the eye looks fine. He said that the muscles are fine and the eye is healthy. The problem is her brain not processing the information correctly and the brain causing the eye drift. The only thing he saw wrong with the eye is that she is slightly farsighted and he said that if she was nearsighted he would have tried glasses first.
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