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March 17th, 2011, 08:22 AM
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ok that makes abit more sense. Just one eye drifts right? So most likely you will patch after the surgery. The reason she does not have depth percepetion is becasue she does not have binocular vision. Its not a big deal really!! I don't have it and am perfectly fine, can drive and all that. You learn to use what you have lol. The onlt downside is no 3D movies! lol Not a big deal. She will perfectly fine.
yes he is right in that a lot of times they need repeat surgery. You may want to ask him if he is going to over correct the problem. What that means is they actually take a bit to much muscle out so that the eye drifts out a bit. Why they do that is that outward drifts can be corrected with prisms in the glasses. Our doctor does not do that as he says "he strives for perfection" lol but many doctors will do that. I don't know what is worse or better or what have you but something you can look into to find out.
as far as the surgery goes, its hard, i won't lie to you. Its the hardest thing to hand them over. BUT when you gt them back, you will be hugging that little girl so hard!! lol But she will be fine. I will say lots of prayers that one surgery is all she needs.

now unto your pity party!!! GIRL you cannot blame yourself!!! There is absolulty nothing you did wrong. You were not out smoking crack when you were pregnant, you ate some chips! WHO CARES!! She got everything she needed from you, you would have been the one sick otherwise! You really can't blame yourself for this, its a guilt party that is never ending! Believe me I have had my days.
Avery was born at a birthing center, maybe I should have been in the hospital maybe they would have caught it.... we went to a 2 day ped appointment and a 2 week ped. appointment and it was not found.... but then we didn't go back because we had no insurance. She was healthy so didn't think of it... maybe I should have and her cataracts would have been found earlier and she would have had a better prognosis..... but there is no buts anymore. This is the ay it is. No one is to blame. DH has a hard time as well as he had cataracts and that gave our kids a 50% chance of getting it too..... well 50% did get it. So he blames himself as well... did he spin his genes around before putting htem in his sperm?? no!!! lol serisouldy the blame game will get you no where. Right now all you can do is wait and pray and hope that everything turns out best case!

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