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March 18th, 2011, 03:44 AM
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Try a little psychic/intuitive development today.

Tune in to one of your GS sisters. You can do this by visualising them and/or repeating their name in your head. You could also open your screen to a post by them and look at their username, siggy and avatar which will help tune you into their personality. Or if you have a photo of them or something they gave you, look at/hold this to tune in. Give this a good few minutes until you are relaxed into it and/or can "feel" their energy signature.

Then try to pick up whatever you can. It could be something they're feeling or doing or thinking about, it could be something about their environment or what's going on in their house that day. It could be a short-term prediction. It could be describing things you can see or perceive in their house, or telling us which room you think they are in at any one particular time, or what they may be wearing.

Post what you have picked up with the name or username of your GS sister and the date and time of day. PM them with a link to this thread then they can come and verify whatever they can.

Remember the best responses in the B challenges will be up for earning an extra egg in the challenge!

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