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March 18th, 2011, 07:10 AM
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First, your DD is SO cute!!! I do notice the eyes drifting, but I think I am conditioned that way. It is in no way your fault!!! Not even close! I did everything "right," never even missed a prenatal! BUT, DS has issues. First with the eyes and now in speech too. Poor kid! I didn't know that what he has (sounds similar to your dd) is genetic. Two of my aunts have it as well as my grandmother. Interesting. Anyway, the issue sounds the same. I was also confused at first at why my DS needed eye muscle surgery if his muscles are fine! We did the patching prior to surgery to strengthen the "weaker" side of the two, but both eyes required correction. It has nothing to do with his eyes and everything to do with his brain. Seems like it is going to be a battle for a long time. Good for you for getting it checked out. Eventually, she would have stopped using one of her eyes... the brain gets tired of seeing two images and just shuts one off. After DS last appt, we also have to go back in 4 months to see if it gets worse or what. Anyway, here is a pic of DS before surgery and one right after. Good luck!!!

After- This was at about 1pm. Surgery was in the morning.

Last summer

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