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March 18th, 2011, 07:23 AM
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I had my 30 week appt this week on Tuesday. All is going well...I've gained around 18 pounds so far (give or take)....urine analysis fine...BP great....etc.....but we did discuss the 20 week ultrasound we had again. At that ultrasound the [crappy] place we ended up going couldn't confirm 2 or 3 vessel cord (on would think they'd make SURE they got the pictures they NEEDED before we left)....but they didn't....and at first I wasn't worried about it....then my midwife brought it up this last appt (and I was going to bring it up to her)....we both decided that to make sure home was still the safest place....we'd have an ultrasound done (at a different place)....(of coarse this place didn't accept our insurance so it was 100% out of pocket...grr)....anyway...soooo we get there and they do a FABULOUS job...seriously if I ever need ultrasounds in the future for future children...I'm going there even if it is more expensive for us. They were very accurate and their machines do a better job. The baby was too big for ALL measurements they usually get but they did a great job and let us get lots of time looking at him.

First thing is that HE IS STILL A soon as the wand was on my belly we saw the goods LOL....he hasn't been shy about that either time. Then we went to the umbilical's 3 vessel!!!!! yay.....and then we looked at everything else. He's doing fabulously. Great spine, great brain, great heart, great kidneys, everything looks fabulous. My amniotic fluid was a LITTLE higher than it's supposed to be...but not drastically so....and other than that baby is healthy....although we did get some unexpected news. Our sweet boy will be born with one clubfoot. I go back and forth between emotions...part of me just says "no worries...clubfoot is fixable and he'll be just fine" and the other part of me is sad that he's not going to come out "perfectly fine"....clubfoot requires about 5 years of diligence from the parents to make sure it heals properly.

We are looking at about 3-4 weeks (probably) he'll start the'll most likely start with 5 weeks of casts...a new cast every week bringing the foot up to a better angle....on the 5th cast they'll nick the Achilles Tendon and then cast it and leave that cast for 3 we are looking at about 2 months of casting...then after that most likely he'll have 3 months of wearing a special brace for 23 hours a day....and then after that the brace will be worn only at night for up to age 5. *sigh*....But like I said it IS fixable! And that I'm very happy about...just kind of overwhelmed with what it means TO fix it.

On a happy note....we are all in the clear for a homebirth...clubfoot definitely wont cause us to have a hospital birth....and the doctor that gave us the results from the U/S was very supportive. No lectures or anything. Yeah! that is our update! I'm almost 31 weeks! Holy cow!
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