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March 18th, 2011, 06:52 PM
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Ok I probably seem like a paranoid freak but yes I went in for a heartbeat check today .
She tried the doppler and we thought baby was hiding. So she got the u/s. I of course started panicing saying I don't see the heartbeat, do you see the heartbeat? DH and Rachael (nurse) told me to relax . They did see it fluttering away and showed me so I could stop panicking . I feel like such a freak. I might see how far into next week I can get before I panic and need another check LOL. But we got to see baby. He/she was sleeping away right in the middle of my tummy. But when she was looking with the doppler she was probably pushing him/her upwards which is why we couldn't find it. She was looking lower. Next week should be easier . I am just glad we are doing so good and the heart was fluttering away.

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