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March 19th, 2011, 07:54 AM
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Hi Ladies!

I decided now is as good a time as any to start a photo thread! I will add pictures of the first ultrasound next. When I get a little further along, I will begin posting pictures of the belly, because I'm not as small as I used to be. lol

Without further adieu, the BFP progression! I only had 2 tests total. If I decide to buy more, I will replace this picture with one of all of them together.
*Found another test! lol*

This is my Beta count from my blood work. I will update this as I get new draws.

3/17: 169 (dr said I'm about 4 weeks based on the date of my last af) a couple days after bfp

4/10: just over 45,000. OB said that looks great!


Ok I'm really getting brave for this one, but here's a picture of my normal largeness. I'm about 4 weeks and 5 days. Please excuse the parrot on my head. He wanted to be in the picture too. His name is Anakin and he is my almost 2 year old indian ringneck. You can't see him in the picture, but sitting on top of the cage (blocked by my head) is Skye, my nearly 3 year old indian ringneck. He's blue and green and looks much different from Anakin lol. I guess the next belly shot I do, I'll put Skye on my shoulder. lol

Edit! I had to adjust the gestation labeling each picture, because Baby was measuring 5 days younger than I thought Baby was, but the baby looked great, so I'm not worried and neither is my OB.

~3.5-4 weeks (just a couple days after bfp)

4 weeks ~4 days Not much change.. just more bloated lol

5 weeks ~2 days The bloat isn't near as bad right now. I think I actually look smaller. lol Oh yeah and I am wearing my first pair of maternity pants! lol My jeans are starting to get a bit too tight on me lol.

7 weeks 3 days:

(look close and you can make out arm and leg buds. Head is at the top, to get you oriented.)

8 weeks ~1 day Not super huge yet. I lost like 7 pounds since the first belly pic I took. As promised, here are both my birdies. The blue one on my should is named Skye and he's 3 years old this month. The yellow guy on my head is Anakin and he'll be 2 next month.

I'm sorry I've been totally neglecting this. I haven't posted anything here in months. lol I have lots of pics to add though!!
NT scan pics!
A cool one of her spine

16 week Gender check!
It's a baby girl!!! Her name is Liliana May.
Nice shot between the legs. lol

She was using the placenta as a pillow.

Another cool shot of her spine:

17 week belly shot!!

21 week ultrasound. The tech that did this one only gave us the one shot, even though Lily was giving us awesome looks at her profile.

26 week belly shot!

First attempt at 4D! She wasn't cooperating, so we decided to give up and come back later for our free second try.
Rubbing her eyes! lol

Second and last attempt. She was a little more cooperative, but not much. lol She kept pushing at the probe for the 30 minutes we spent doing this and eventually got totally sick of us and rolled over and wouldn't give her another look at her face at the very end. lol Here are the cuter pics we managed to get of her:

Very squashed nose here. lol

One of the hand/foot pics. She was completely folded. Not the typical fetal position here. One leg was kicked way up over her head and the other was curled up normal and one hand was reaching toward the probe. lol

30 week belly shot taken yesterday (9/21)!

33 weeks! I totally look half crazed here and maybe even a little drunk. lol

35 weeks (or 36 depending on which due date ya go by.. lol) My next belly shot will be my last one and taken when I go into labor. I can't believe i"m saying that already! dang..
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