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March 19th, 2011, 10:19 AM
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Anesthesia is so scary. The respiratory therapist always comes in to speak with us before she goes into surgery and he told us that the kids who are highest risk of complications with anesthesia are those born premature and those with long standing lung issues. Nyla has both. They always give her albuterol pre-op but sometimes its not quite enough. After her last surgery her heart was racing and she had an asthma attack but they didnt want to use any more albuterol because her heart was already racing and albuterol would make it worse. The RT said it wasnt unexpected in a child with her history, but it was still scary. They kept her on oxygen and monitored her and were prepared to use IV drugs if necessary.

We avoid anesthesia at all costs with her unless there are no other options LOL. Its just too risky. I just hope she outgrows this someday.

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