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March 20th, 2011, 10:46 AM
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For some reason, I didn't see this thread and decided to share now!

I met my now DH, David, when I was 16 and he was 15. From that day in 2003 we were always together. We enjoyed the next 2 years being typical teenagers and when we were 18 decided to move in together and found our own place. We had been living together for 3 months and I had lost my job and we couldn't manage to make the rent so we knew we'd have to go back to living with family until we could afford to live together again. We had been sexually active through the whole time and right before we moved in I stopped taking my birth control. I didn't think much of us since we had been having sex for 2 years without birth control and I hadn't become pregnant. We moved and he lived with his sister while I lived with my mother, both of us working and just trying to maintain our relationship and be able to move again.

It was in October 2005 when I started to throw up and feel ill everyday but I refused to believe I could be pregnant. It wasn't until a few weeks later when my mother made breakfast for us which consisted of eggs and after only 2 bites I threw up. She looked at me and said "Krystal, you're pregnant." and all I could do was deny it. She pestered me for a week longer until she purchased a test for me. I took the test and within 30 seconds a bright pink positive sign showed up. I stayed in the bathroom for 5 minutes just shaking the test thinking it was wrong and stalling to go out and tell my mom what she seemingly already knew. I came out and told her and she cried but promised she'd be there to support me as much as she could. I then called David and told him that I was pregnant and he was kind of emotionless about the entire thing. We were kind of going through a rough patch at the time so I wasn't really sure where our relationship would go.

I went through such a rough 1st trimester, throwing up almost every day and losing 20lbs from being unable to keep anything down. It was during this time that my mother suggested David move in with us so he could help. He moved in with us in February and I was due June 20th of 2006. He continued to work while we saved money to purchase things for the baby who we later found out was a girl. Once I got past my 1st trimester, I had a really good pregnancy.

Fast forward to June and I was miserable and just ready for her to be born. It was hot and I couldn't sleep and was always uncomfortable. Through my pregnancy I was seen by midwives in hopes of having a natural delivery. Three days before the 20th, I wasn't feeling so great. I was at the hospital thinking I was in labor but I wasn't and was sent home to wait it out longer. By the 19th, I was in labor. I laid around all day on the couch having regular contractions until I couldn't take it anymore. My mother and I waited for David to get home from work and we then took another trip to the hospital. Once we arrived, I was checked and I was 2cm dilated and they told me to walk around for about an hour to see if I could progress. I was checked an hour later and had made it to 3cm. My nurse checked to also see if my water had broken and I had a tear in the bag so I was admitted. My midwife arrived and took really good care of me and helped me maintain my breathing even through the worst pain in the world, back labor. I was having a hard time progressing past 4cm so they decided to give me pitocin to "speed things along". Once I received the pitocin, all hopes of having a natural labor went out the window and before I knew it I was begging for an epidural. Once I got that, I was good enough to sleep because I was exhausted. I wasn't checked again until the next morning on the 20th and was only at 9.5cm where I had remained for several hours. I wasn't making any progress from there and they had discovered meconium in my broken water. Jaidyn began to have deceleration in her heartrate so we had to decide what the next step was quickly. I tried to push past the last 1/2cm but there was no use because I couldn't feel anything.

My midwife had consulted with the doctors and decided a c-section would be best in our situation and I was prepped quickly and taken back to the OR. I remember hearing the sounds and feeling anxious and being told it would only be a few minutes until she was out. Within 6 minutes she was born but hadn't cried yet so my nerves took over. They rushed her to the table where doctors worked on her since she inhaled meconium. It felt like an eternity until she cried but when she did the tears streamed down and I could finally breath again.

The doctors finished cleaning her up and brought her over to see me and she was perfect. I gave her a kiss but due to them still working on me I threw up right after. I remember David holding her and talking about how perfect she was. They took Jaidyn back to the table to check her again and finished me up while David left the OR to go tell everybody in the waiting room that Jaidyn Rae was born and weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 19.5" long. From the stories I've been told, he broke down in the waiting room and cried tears of joy and talked about how proud he was to be a father.

She arrived exactly on her due date and has been my little perfect angel ever since. Life hasn't been easy but I wouldn't ever in a million years change her or the circumstances that produced her. It has been amazing to watch her grow from a little baby into a soon to be 5 year old full of attitude and personality.

Krystal(25) married to David and proud mommy of "wildchild" Jaidyn
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