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March 20th, 2011, 02:59 PM
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I haven't updated in awhile. So March 3rd I got what I am assuming is close to or is a + opk. Dh came home that night.
Of course we dtd like crazy. We had fun. I don't temp because its so hard to remember. anyways March 12th I went to the restroom and wiped and there was pink spotting. I had cramping that day too. I thought maybe implantation. I have tested all week and I thought I was getting faint lines but I am guessing they were evaps. I was due for af Saturday and today is Sunday and still no af. I took two tests and bfn. But what gets me is since Friday night I have had sore boobs. Like super sore off and on. I have had cramping off and on since Thursday. I have a discharge still and feel very wet. I also haven't been wanting anything to eat and I have been getting full easy. These were all signs for when I found out with Owen. And I am not convincing myself I am. I am being realistic here. I truly want this but also want af to come if I am not.
I guess the hardest part about this is one not know if I truly ovulated, two not knowing when af is due and since its not here I want to take my provera to start a new cycle but I can't incase by some slight chance I am. I also know so many who just found out. Its like a knife in my heart. I hate it. I just want to know and move on if I am not. Dh is disappointed and that made me hurt even more.
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