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March 20th, 2011, 11:25 PM
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I am not a parent, I am a sister. My brother [he's 26 now] has asperger's.

When we were little I didnt know anything was wrong with my brother, he was my best friend and confidant! When he turned about 8 years old, he shut off. Refused to be my friend anymore.

He wasnt correctly diagonosed as Asperger's until he was about 20. Until then, the doctors fought back and forth with diagnosis such as ADD, no ADD...

He had "Night Terrors" where he would sleep walk and end up downstairs crying, it would wake me up, I'd wake up my mom and they would come get him and take him back to bed... The next day, he wouldn't remember doing it.

He is smart, but smart about certain things. My brother can't read or write very well, but he tries to sound out words the best he can, but he still cannot spell my name. He can take apart an engine and put it back together again without thinking twice, he's very good with his money. And likes lists.

He gets obsessive about certain things, like my dog, he went through a phase that lasted about 8 years where his hand was a creature called a "Pet-A-Nose" and he would make up a whole story about this creature, what it ate, where it lived.. Everything... Then one day, it just didn't matter anymore.

He is 26 like I said. He learned to drive a manual transmission truck, he can drive. He bought his own Ford pickups. He now has a Dodge Ram, automatic. He mows lawns for my parents neighbors, helps out with the same people we grew up around doing yard work, taking the trash to the curb for their older neighbors...

He has social anxiety, and he doesnt like situations where he feels trapped, and he drives, but he doesnt like going places he isnt familiar with. He will go to the mall by himself and shop. He buys things off Craigslist....

But he lives with my parents... And he doesnt intend to leave... My parents want to retire to AZ and my mom told him. He said he would rather live in a group home, as my family as lived in the same house since before I was born.

He likes my mom to rub his feet and rub his back, EVERY DAY, but he doesnt like to cuddle or touch.. Often times stand-offish to strangers. He will ask people in the room questions, through me.

Everyone likes him tho, eventhough he likes to talk about underwear and farts

I love my brother to death, just please parents, remember, as much as you are doing with your Asperger's child... don't forget about your other child. I had to grow up very fast once my brother left my life. I knew my parents loved him more, and years later I told my mom I knew... And she cried. It was ok... But I still knew.

Good luck to you all =]
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