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March 21st, 2011, 12:13 PM
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I had a lot of nightmares in the beginning. Loss dreams. They got better as my problems cleared up. Then I started having nightmares that I already had a baby, and I forgot them somehow, and I am trying desperately to find them... or the baby is taken away from me and I can't find them anymore, I am searching through some weird institutional/hospital maze... and now a new variety is coming on, where I am trying to breastfeed but I can't for some reason. My last breastfeeding dream was better, I was successfully nursing from one side and it was great, but on the other side my nipple had become as long and thin and sharp as a syringe and I was afraid it would hurt my baby's mouth!!!

These later ones are not nearly as haunting as the loss nightmares of the beginning. They are very real-feeling though. I think the pregnancy hormones can cause especially vivid and crazy dreams.

I'm sorry you are having nightmares, but I do think it's quite normal!!

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