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March 21st, 2011, 07:01 PM
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Well...I dont when MIL asked we told them...she didn't seem to care (I'm sure they flipped AFTER we left but she's not said anything else to us)....I am really shocked about it all (the IL reaction) but MIL and FIL are the ONLY ones on dh's side that know we are planning a homebirth. I've not flat out said it on my facebook...most of them dont pay attention....but I have said small things like "we are planning an out of hospital birth" in a comment but I've never said HOME BIRTH....Dh doesn't want his family to know until afterwards. He doesn't want the neg. comments and such....

My family knows...and my dad talked to me (poorly) about it the other day...I let my mom know in the KINDEST way possible that if he wasn't going to be supportive he can't be here. Without saying so much...I wont have someone being jittery and making THE day not perfect cause THEY have an issue with it....

So yeah....there are some people we are secretive about it with. We WONT tell my dh's grandparents...they would flip and tell me how much can go if they flat out ask it'll probably be "what hospital" or are you going to hospital x or hospital y.....and I'll say my choice of the two hospitals (if there were a transfer ) lol....that is the only way I'll do it....If they word it another way that doesn't make it that easy...I might just act like I didn't hear them or change the subject lol....I think my dh is avoiding them though...we've not been there in forever and I think he doesn't want the Q to come up so we just haven't been there LOL....

Anyway...I keep talking but the short version is yes and no...yes we are SOMEwhat secretive...but we arne't keeping it totally secret.
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We aren't to give a baby milk, berries, or peanut butter. We are to introduce new foods one at a time. But it's OK to inject several viruses, bacteria, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, animal serum, mercury, squalene and more into an 8 week old? I don't think so.
In order to be healthy it is an unfortunate fact that people must be allowed the opportunity to be ill. I trust my body and those of my children to work correctly against the relatively benign diseases they vax for, and do not trust the ingredients in the vaccinations.
Our choice to not vax isn't based in ignorance, poverty, conspiracy theory and rumor. It's research, common sense, fact and evidence based..something the medical community has largely forgot about.
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