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March 22nd, 2011, 12:05 PM
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Oh and Ashlee, I had a very bizarre dream with you in it. I don't really know you at all except online, so I have no idea WHY you were in my dream. My brain works in mysterious ways. It's one of the reasons I have avoided drugs my whole life, haha.

Here it is copied from the TTCAL board for your reading enjoyment or horror, whichever is more appropriate:

Ashlee (from TTCAL) was riding what looked like a toddlers bike. I was riding behind her on a similar bike and filming her. It was like a marathon race but on kids bikes and I think I was filming a documentary or something.

Anyway, we get to one of the pit stops they have on races and it's my house (but not really my real house). When we get there, she says she's hungry but whatever it is that she wants to eat is unavailable because it's in the washing machine (why???). So, I ask her what else she wants to eat and she tells me she wants to eat a computer (again why???), but it's in the washing machine. I offer her hot dogs as an alternative and she agrees. My "brother" walks in as I am pondering whether or not we have hot dogs buns (It's really my son, but in my dream he is my brother. I don't know why).
When I woke up, I had to commit the dream to memory because it was so weird.

Originally Posted by mom2moose View Post
I hope you join here soon! I enjoy your dry/sarcastic sense of humor!!
Thanks! I wish I still had the link for my pregnancy journal from my most recent pregnancy. It was quite amusing, to me anyway. The ending was sad, but still hopeful.

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