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March 22nd, 2011, 12:45 PM
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That's so great to hear that some of you have a wonderful support system. I'm really jealous, but super happy for you!

I honestly don't know how my family would really take it, and don't care to find out before the birth. They know I'm a little bit different than the norm, so like some of you, I'm sure they would just accept it after they rolled their eyes at me. LOL The nice thing is, they are in the midwest and I'm on the west coast so I don't have to deal w/ them on a daily basis. I honestly never thought about parenting styles til after getting pregnant and learned of AP, and feel that that is the way I'll be going. I'm sad to say that no one in my family has parented like that. My dad's wife tho sounds like that is more her parenting style, so I think she will understand me more than anyone. She's all about breastfeeding and I love it. Two of my cousins both told me they didn't breastfeed b/c it was "icky" sad!

I keep getting the "which hospital are you registered at" q and I just say the one we'd prefer to go to. Figure no one needed to know we really haven't registered there until later.
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