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March 22nd, 2011, 01:20 PM
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Car safety has changed a lot. Car seats are the law for all little kids, they all use the LATCH system now, and just now the guidelines have been strengthened so that little ones need to be strapped down in rear-facing car seats until Age 2. Older kids need to be in front-facing seats until they are too big for them, then booster seats until they are 4'9", and kids aren't supposed to ride in the front seat until age 13 which seems crazy to me.

With the fancy car seats come fancy strollers. "Travel systems" Boy are they expensive too. You can snap the carseat into and out of it's base in the car, and into a base in the stroller, so they can stay asleep and bundled up and buckled in the entire time.

Baby carriers (for those like me who want to be more crunchy-granola and avoid the expensive strollers). These are SO MUCH MORE ADVANCED than even 5-10 years ago. The Ergo, the Beco, mei tais, etc. Think about how fancy North Face backpacks are, with all their pads and straps, and imagine that but in a super ergonomic baby carrier. These are the "soft structured carriers" (I really want one!) It is very popular to use simple slings and soft fabric wraps too, like the Moby wrap.

Oh and CLOTH DIAPERS OMG!!!!!!!!! Several of us on PAL have drunk the kool-aid on cloth diapers, it is a serious obsession when you get into it. The technology of modern cloth diapers is amazing. You have soft, breathable waterproof fabric (PUL), super absorbent new fabrics (microfiber and bamboo), and stay-dry fabrics (fleece), with many many MANY options, brands, systems, etc. Oh and they are SO CUTE and soft and fluffy My mom was disgusted and horrified when I said I wanted to CD, but she was picturing rubber pants and flats and pins, and was absolutely amazed at modern diapers when I showed her some!

That's all I can think of right now. I'm constantly having to explain all this stuff to my mom, she keeps being shocked that not everything works exactly the way it did in 1981

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