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March 22nd, 2011, 02:47 PM
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So, after TTC for 6 months and no luck, my Gyno had me go through tests to see if everything's working. Had bloodwork and a sonogram. Everything came back normal. My insurance DENIED it on the claims that these procedures are TREATMENT for infertility, which they say is not covered under my plan.

Say what!? Getting my estrogen level measured is considered treatment?? I appealed and they still denied, saying that since my gyno recommended my husband get his sperm tested and that I use an ovulation predictor kit, that this is definitely infertility treatment, not diagnosis. Oh, I about had a total melt-down trying to explain this over and over again to the insurance company. How are tests equal to treatment? So, if I get a mammogram, I am getting cancer treatment? Even my gyno wrote them a letter on my behalf.

How can they do this and get away with it? It is MEDICA, so I do not recommend them to anyone, the crooks!

So now I owe the labs over $1000 out of pocket. With my plan, this should have been applied to my deductible. I've switched providers now, so there's no way I can recoup these costs. I'm having to put off more expensive tests like the x-ray to look at my tubes, until this new insurance kicks in.

Anyone else suffer through this?
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