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March 22nd, 2011, 07:37 PM
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my btdt summary:

ERF-extended rear facing-keeping your toddler RF in a convertible carseat to two-is a very hot topic!

Cloth diapering(CD)-fun, but a costly obsession, and more laundry, do you really want more laundry than you have now? I cd'd #1, btdt, likely selling my stash within a few months

swings come ac powered now, buy one-its the reason we survived nb twins, seriously! Newborns don't sleep any better than they did 15 years ago

cribs-drop sides are out, stationary sides are in, you'll need a new crib

infant carriers-its the infant carseat, also rides rear facing in the car, you just don't feed your kids cheerios anymore driving, thus don't have to worry about sticking them up their noses. Infant carseats are a dream when grocery shopping, they click on to the cart and baby watches you while you shop-and they go to either 22lbs or 35lbs! Heaven sent!

breastfeeding, the technology hasn't changed in 2000 years, but there is alot more help if you want to do it. Bottling has changed--there are a million formula choices, and a million bottle choices, I use Avent and keep it simple, drop ins leak and Brown's are hard to clean

A stroller is a stroller is a stroller, baby will puke in the Graco just like in the Bugaboo or Peg Perego, they just cost hundreds of dollars more. Do you want a jogging stroller is the big question. I swear by BOBS.

want more? lol!

Lucky mother to five!

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