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March 22nd, 2011, 07:40 PM
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LOL Missy You are too cute for words.

Yeah, "baby wearing" is a term for the practice of keeping your baby on you at almost all times in a baby carrier, like a sling, wrap, or soft structured carrier. It is great for fussy/high needs babies, for breastfeeding on demand easily, and to keep your hands free for household chores or caring for older siblings. It is the norm in many less-developed cultures but has been popularized in the West lately, in part due to the Attachment Parenting movement (which involves breastfeeding on demand, baby wearing, co-sleeping, and gentle discipline methods).

The diapers still have plastic pants, but they are such a fabric-y soft breathable plastic that it's not plastic-y at all. And instead of pins, you can use Snappis (T-shaped bendy things that hook into the fabric like those Ace bandage hooks), or many all-in-one type diapers use velcro or snaps. Yes, there are ALL IN ONE diapers, which you use JUST like disposables, except that you can throw them in the wash and reuse them!

I should write a freaking book I have gone over all this stuff with my mom, seriously!!!

Oh, and here's a TOTALLY LAME modern pregnancy thing. All the nonsense about foods you're supposed to avoid OR ELSE!!!! Okay, so the tuna fish/mercury thing has some merit to it, but I have done the research, and there is NO REASON for the stupid "no lunch meat, soft cheese, or sushi" thing... IMO anyway. I will give you the full rant on this if/when you wish

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