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March 22nd, 2011, 08:59 PM
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Today, I was supposed to be 13 DPO... But two days ago when I saw my temp go down so much, I figured I had my O date (CD 19) wrong... And I was right... I saw a temp rise at CD 16, 3 days before my other "O", which would make me 16 DPO today = CD 1 (I have a 15 day LP), and AF is in town... I'm bummed but not surprised we missed O by 3 days. My OPKs are just not reliable at all in my case. My test line is half dark, half light, I can never tell if it's + or not...

So I went by the hospital today to pick up spermie cups for DH and went to see the nurse. I told her what happened and we decided to go for ultrasounds instead. I have my appointment on April 4th, CD 14. I usually O between CD 15 and CD 17. I have my accupuncture appointment on April 1st to help as well.

I'm not sad at all. I am a bit disappointment but at least I know why it didn't work this time. I'd rather have that than be right on time and still not work.

I hope April is our month! I have faith! I'll keep you posted.

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