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March 23rd, 2011, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Shadeauxe View Post
Nitrates and nitrites are a good reason for humans in general to avoid deli meats and bacon. They are linked to a lot of health issues.

You can buy them nitrate free, but not likely at a restaurant or fast food place.
True enough. If that was why they told you to avoid lunch meat, it would make a lot more sense!

I eat lunch meat almost every day, at home it's the preservative-free all-natural stuff, and out and about (far less frequently), it's almost always this one local place that cooks and slices their own stuff, it's very high quality (and delicious).

I got mad about it because I have blood sugar issues, I *need* protein at every meal, but I also have dairy intolerances so I really should not eat cheese (unless I also have a large handful of prunes ). Very often, lunch meat is the only good option for me!

Plus I was reading stories on my DDC like, "I was stuck in the hospital for 8 hours with no food, the only option was some pre-made sandwiches, but they had lunch meat on them so I couldn't eat them" Feed your dang baby!!!!!

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