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March 23rd, 2011, 08:02 AM
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Woah... this thread is so much better than the pregnancy week by week book I bought! Thank you all so much for your help!!

- Why do the crib bars not come down anymore? How do you get the baby out?

- I love California rolls sushi. Is that safe since there isn't any raw fish?

- I do 10+ loads of laundry a week now. I think I am going to have to skip on the cloth diapers.

- Swings come powered now? You mean I don't have to wind them up? Now that is cool!

- Babywearing I used to have a carrier with Kyle for when I went grocery shopping and out to the stores which sounds like what these slings are like. So people do it all the time? How does the baby learn to play with themselves and comfort themselves now? How does the mom get 10 minutes to herself?

- What is Hypnobirthing? What is gas/air birth?

- I tried to breastfeed with my oldest and lasted about a week as I did not produce enough milk. It just wasn't for me and I bottlefed the other boys from the beginning. I really need to give this part a lot of thought. Maybe now that I am older I will be more relaxed and can breastfeed or the opposite may happen - now that I am older I may not produce any milk at all? hmmmmm... I will need to do a lot more research on this part.

Ok. I am feeling less overwhelmed, just please don't give me a test yet!

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