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March 23rd, 2011, 08:04 AM
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I agree about researching laws in your state. You will also need an up to date annual (including pap) from your OB or midwife. You'll want to talk to them regarding how they feel about you carrying another pregnancy. Also, talk to your family. Talk to the closest members of your family that you trust and get their feedback. See if you have a support system in place for surrogacy. You may need extended childcare or help with household things while you are pregnant. Look into your insurance coverage and see if it has any surrogacy exclusions. And finally, look into what things are typically included in a surrogacy contract and decide for yourself what you would like. One of the most difficult parts of the surrogacy process is contract negotiation. You can never rush through this. Decide BEFORE matching with potential intended parents what things are negotiable for you and what things aren't, that way you don't have emotions involved when you reach the point that it's time to discuss these things with your potential match. Never, ever believe that you should change something you were once non-negotiable on because you think it might not happen to you anyway. While most surrogacies end happily without complications, many do not, and you don't want to have regrets over something as huge as a surrogacy journey. This journey will be apart of you forever. Doing all of this research ahead of time is awesome! You have a huge heart to consider doing this! Best wishes!
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