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March 23rd, 2011, 08:27 AM
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Well I received an e-mail yesterday saying that our son climbed out of a window that was cracked in his foster home and escaped nearly a mile down the road to the neighbors house where the sheriff picked him up returning him to the foster family. I am beyond furious that this has happened and feel that is was neglect on the foster family's part as they know he is autistic and is a runner...that's how he came into care in the first place!!! Then, they get a call from the school saying for the past 6 weeks he was been screaming, crying and aggressive and uncontrollable. We haven't had a visit in the past 3 weeks but feel like the visits are really starting to confuse him. He needs to be moved into our home immediately or they are going to have him really messed up. We've finished our negotiation paper work and are just waiting to hear back. I can not wait until the mess is OVER!
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