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March 23rd, 2011, 12:07 PM
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My sale purchase started with a $2.50 coupon off Tena pads. They were $9.99 with a RR of $10. My total cost was $7.49 + tax.

I took my RR back to Walgreens the next day where I made this purchase:

I received a $2 RR and a $10 RR. The Razors are my husband's preffered brand, and they were a great price. I only wish I'd thought to bring TWO $4 off coupons.

I took those to a different store this morning, and made this purchase:

The lady said I couldn't use the $2 RR because I had exceeded the coupons allowed. But since they didn't have the Spring Beauty coupons, I was going back to the other store, anyway.

At the other store, I did find the Beauty Coupons, and made this purchase:

After that I took my daughter to the bathroom, with my $5 RR in hand. I grabbed some hamburger rolls and English muffins--then got this receipt:

So, for $4.69 I got this:

Those purchased included $0.50 for a cheese stick and $0.59 for a candy necklace--both for my poor, poor child who really didn't want to be dragged to two different drug stores. So, it was actually $3.60--the cost of that half gallon of milk!
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