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October 7th, 2004, 03:18 PM
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i was there with my best friend(she and i were due just 5 weeks apart at the time) so i was like almost 8 months preggo then and she always says i was her "advocate"...the ###### nurses wouldnt help her or her fiance fell asleep for 8 yes 8 hours!!! i called her that morning around 900 because i knew she ahd a dr appointment...she called me when she got back from the appointment and wanted me to come over there to be with her because she was already 2 cm but he sent her home because he said it could take a i was with her from 1100am on....then her fiance came home around 430pm...thats when we went to the hospital...she didnt have kenya until 800am the next morning and i stayed up THE ENTIRE TIME...i was the only one that stayed up that lobg...i was just so worried for her it was making me a nervous wreck...but here she is with the epi i just sat by her bed and watched tv...anyway finace was holding one leg and i was holding the other...then the nurse came in and told me to move!!! i guess she had to get something and then SHE took over!! whatever!! i could see if my friend told her too but she didnt...well anyway i really wanted to pass out...i couldnt believe it...i already had been through a birth with my first(and she was there for me too) so i just couldnt believe that i felt REALLY dizzy and light headed...amybe it was because i was alomst due myself and knew that my time was coming!! LOL it was gross though because her water didnt break until she was pushing so ugh it was like coming in and out!! you couldnt even see kenya until it finally busted!! LOL TMI i know...but i am glad i was there for was kinda funny too because in the delivery room it was me , her fiance, and her mom...but her mom was watching TV!!!! she kept on saying "i dont wanna look until shes born"!!!! lol then she woould say "is she born yet?!" lol
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