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March 25th, 2011, 02:17 PM
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I went in today for my first appt (a "pregnancy confirmation appt"). Left a urine sample and the nurse takes me back to the room. She says "Well we did two pregnancy tests on you and they both came back REALLY slight but I'll have the dr talk to you about that..." and then she goes on to take my BP and pulse while I'm thinking in my head "Yea, great so you tell me that and now my BP is gonna be through the roof!" But it wasn't. I was so upset though I just wanted to cry right away! It's been 1 week since I got my BFP so I know the line should DEFINITELY be there, not to mention I have taken 2 dollar store tests since last friday and they were both very very very noticeable. Anyways, the Dr comes in and says nothing about the tests, just tells me they'll take my blood for betas and have the results monday and that in a week and a half I can have a u/s. So I go to the blood lady and she says "Do you wanna see your tests?" Of course I said yes and WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT NURSE THINKING?!?! Those lines were darker then what I was getting at home! I don't even know WHY she would say anything to me!! I'm so glad the phlebotomist asked if I wanted to see them because otherwise I'd still be freaking out!

So that's my news for today, betas back on Monday (though she didn't say I needed to come back for another draw so I think they're just taking one to see how far along I really am) and u/s is on April 6th at 6.5 weeks. But I'm nervous for that because I thought before 6 weeks they can only see the sac and with my son and the last pregnancy, my DD's were moved back by 10+ days I'm worried the 6th will be too soon and I won't see anything and then I'll be worried for another 2 weeks but I guess we'll just see what happens!
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