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March 27th, 2011, 01:26 PM
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My Texan husband once publicly disowned me due to the pronunciation of pecan. We were just dating and I was visiting his family in Texas for the first time. I had always heard "pee-can" from my Southeastern relatives, so I ordered a "pee-can waffle" in a waffle house. He loudly said, "SHE'S NOT WITH ME!!!" and made a HUGE scene, which is so totally NOT like him. I was rather upset and it was one of the only times I can ever remember him demeaning me, especially in public.

Note: the correct pronunciation is "peh-cahn" - at least in Texas, where they feel very, very strongly about that.
Hahahahahahaha. That made me laugh out loud. That is hilarious!!

Well, the demeaning part isn't funny, but just that it was so important to him, he even said that. Gotta love Texas!
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