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March 27th, 2011, 05:47 PM
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Here is my long story....I haven't spoke about this for months, so forgive me for just talking about it.....sometimes it's good to let it out.

My last/first pregnancy...I didn't have maternity insurance thanks to the joy of being self employed. I had NO CLUE I didn't have it, until 3 days after the BFP. The insurance co said, OH no you don't have's an add'l $600 PER MONTH and you can't get pregnant for 12 months. I was shocked! So I decided to go to a birth center...which they were great! Very caring people. My first bloodwork my progesterone was 18.5 at 8ish weeks...which meant NOTHING to me, but now means everything. I was put on prometrium and all seemed well as we heard the HB on 2 different appts. AND THEN....

week 17, on July 19th, I had 1 dime size brownish spot. I hadn't had any spotting at I rushed over to my midwife who said...Don't worry, you're fine, swing by and let's hear the HB. 10 minutes later, I was there and in tears. She searched and searched for a HB, which had always been so easy to find.

The next morning at 9am I was scheduled for a sono at the hospital, and I KNEW what was going to happen. The reality hit me that night when I realized... My boobs weren't sore......My boobs were normal That morning My BF of 4 yrs, was too scared to walk in to see the sono, so I let him sit in the main room. As soon as I saw the screen I started bawling. I had never seen a sono before, but it was sooooo still. A still frame baby with no movement. My sono tech was in tears within seconds as she knew instantly too.

Then the WALK...........the walk I will NEVER forget. Down the hall to the ROOM. THe room with 3 full term pregnant women and their men, and then there was my man turned around in his seat...watching me come down the hall. As soon as our eyes met, I started bawling and so did he. I will always remember those women sitting there without a care in the world. And I wonder, did they know what just happened?

2 days later I delivered in the hospital (getting to hear 3x the baby song that plays when a new baby is born...and that sucked!) They think the baby was a boy, it was around 15 weeks when the heart stopped and he measured around 14 w. It was the hardest thing we've ever been through and definitely made us stronger.

My BF was able to add me to his insurance....which back dated to the date before the deliver to cover the hospital bill (whew!) and I now have coverage for this round as birth center...doctors office all the way with lots of SONOs --I love seeing something moving on the screen!

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