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March 27th, 2011, 07:39 PM
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Hello my name is Bethsaida, I'm 24 years old and new to the forum ( I introduced myself already, I have one daughter Romina she's 5 years old going on 6 in October.
Physically she's ok, she's perfectly healthy, she was a hard baby, always fussing, barely slept, one instant she was crying the other she would come up to me and hug me as if she hadnt done anything wrong. I thought this was normal for a 3 year old but then it started to become obvious that there was soemthingseriously wrong with her.

She has a mental disorder, we've gone to several doctors, we've travelled around Mexico and we even went to Los Angeles to see what the real issue is but we dont have a proper diagnosis yet but we are close too. So far we've got:

Early on set Psychotic Depression
Early on set Bipolar Disorder (less likely)
Childhood Schizophrenia (most likely)

I really hate the idea of giving my DD those medications that will have long last effects on her brain and development, yes she will be "better" but the effects that these medicines have in children when they reach adulthood is unknown. I'll have to come to terms with the fact that my daughter is mentally ill and that she needs to be medicated for herself and for others. Her hallucinations have been getting worse as she gets older.

At the moment she attends a Special Needs School.
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