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March 27th, 2011, 07:39 PM
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Day 42

Well thinking it may take me more than 90 days to take this weight off, but we'll see. I was bad and stepped on the scale today. Not that it matters. I can step on it whenever I want to - 159! Yay! Don't know why, but tipping below 160 makes me feel so much better. I'm only 3 lbs from where I was right after Natalie was born so I've almost undone all the damage I did. 9 lbs to go to pre Natalie weight and 15 lbs from there to goal weight.


I got in my second 5 mile run today so I'm feeling a little closer to being back on track with my running. I went and looked at my running logs from my last marathon training and feeling a lot better. I wasn't running that much faster than I am now - about 60-90 seconds per mile faster. I really want to work on improving my speed this year more than anything. I am sick of being slow so this time around instead of working on just distance, distance, distance I am trying to work on speed and hill training as well. I want to improve my running overall. It's good to be focused on something besides my weight.

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