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March 28th, 2011, 05:14 AM
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I buy snacks when on sale and stock pile things like fruit snacks, granola bars, popcorn I usually get for free or 10 cents a box. I will sometimes "splurge" and buy snack cakes like little debbie etc
Originally Posted by Repti.Mom View Post
What do you feed your kids for snack that is cheap?

If you buy popcorn kernels and oil and make it in a pan at home, that's pretty cheap. It's around 1.00 at Sav-a-lot for a bag of kernels.

I got 4 boxes of 2 pkg kellogs bar things from target for 2.00 (had 4 50 C off coupons and they are in the 1.00 section)

I also got a really good deal on chex mix/ bugles. They were 3/4 at walgreens and there was a $4 off 4 coupon so I got 8 bags for 2.67. Otherwise that would be just a very occasional treat. (name brand stuff)

Any other ideas? Fruit/veggies are so expensive to do every day, and goldfish etc are also very expensive.

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