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March 28th, 2011, 08:50 AM
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Ok, let's play a little game. I have a list of boys names, but none of them really GRAB me, ya know? So, I thought I would give you all the list, then you pick your TWO or THREE favorites. I will keep track. That way, I can start at the most popular and refer to the baby by that name for like a week or so, and see how I feel about it. Make sense?? (It's kind of a long list!!)

I'm hoping this will help me narrow down the ones I like the most. If it matters, my name is Jenny (DUH!), hubby is Joe and daughter is Morgan. Here are the names:

Max, Brody, Cole, Jasper, Cooper, Reed, Brady, Hunter, Jack, Cash, Landon, Shane and Emmet.

Thanks for your help ladies!!
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