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March 28th, 2011, 11:14 AM
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Homeschooling in the early years doesn't take much time at all. I mean... kindergarten takes appx 30 minutes a day, and you don't have to do it all at once. The younger the child, the more hands-on the teacher (mom) has to be. The older the child, the more independent the work gets. The amount of time YOU spend schooling your child won't change as much as you might think, because of that independence factor. All in all, you can expect appx 30 minutes per grade level (give or take) for your total homeschooling time, but again, that's not your total teaching time. That includes things like handwriting practice and independent reading, which are things you're not directly involved in doing. When a child finishes school, they should be independent enough to either get a job or go to college (unless there's a special need in which the child will always live at home, of course). You'll get into a routine, and you'll find that ... as with your example of fractions and making lunch ... everything is a lesson, and every moment is a teachable moment. You don't have to lecture from a white board, and the child doesn't have to sit in a desk writing all day.

It's hard to switch your entire mindset over to homeschooling, but once you do, it becomes a part of your lifestyle and an extension of who you are. In fact, I have BETTER time management skills now than I used to. My laundry and dishes are on a schedule, so they're always done. Dinner is planned in advance. We're not wasting money eating out or running from place to place. We have good days and bad days like everyone, but I'd say we have a whole lot more good days than most families.
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