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March 28th, 2011, 12:39 PM
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1. What made you decide to homeschool? I decided to homeschool because my dd has a ASD (they are thinking Aspbergers and we are under going testing again) and in the class room setting at her private school, she learned to escape and avoid. She would throw a fit so she could leave the class and never have to make up the work. Well right before I pulled her she was spending about 5 hours a day in the office doing nothing. Dh and I looked at the public school special ed program because we knew she needed the smaller class rooms and more one on one attention, while they would give her that she had to do "special ed" work not the main stream work. It was either special ed all the way (which would have been horrible as she is very smart and would have gotten bored) or main stream her (which wouldn't work because she gets overwhelmed by being around 25+ kids at a time). So we decided to try homeschooling, the original plan was for one year and re-evaluate, but after seeing how much she is learning and ds is learning with her, she most likely won't ever go back to a "regular" classroom setting.

2. What age is customary to begin "formally" homeschooling? here it is by age 6

3. What is the true first step? Is it notifying the local school district? Here it is, but as the others have said, check your state laws to find out what you need to do first.

4. Do you find that you are mostly supported by friend, family, neighbors or not so much? None of our family or friends really support us. They think we are crazy and raising anti-social kids. Although, as they are seeing how much the kids are learning they are starting to come around and see it is a good choice for our family.

As for the time issue, when my dd behaves and does her work, she can usually blow through school work in less than 2 hours (and that is with me slowing her down). But there are days when we break school apart into "sessions". We do some first thing, then break or go to an appointment, do more when we get back, break for lunch, or chores, do more, etc. We have been known to do school work after dinner. I keep a daily lesson plan to know what should be done that day, but we have no order to how we do it or when we do it. If we don't get it done one day, we do it the next (and dd being the OCD child she is, she will generally do both that day and previous days work...however that is HER choice).

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