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March 28th, 2011, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Martha83 View Post
This is one test I'd really give up if I could. BUT in my last pregnancy in which I used a midwife...I was told that if I were to have to transfer to the hospital THEY would consider me positive if I didn't have a neg. test result on I tolerated it just for that reason...the "just in case transfer"...
My MW did it at my 36 week home visit. Had it come back positive (which it didn't) we wouldn't have changed much, if anything... I know she said she would do less vaginal exams, especially if my water had broken, but it never brakes until baby is crowning, and she only ever checked me twice anyway.

Originally Posted by MommaBee View Post
I didn't do it with ds2. But any future babies I will do it through the local clinic. If I'm positive I'll take the oral antibiotics and then re-test closer to my EDD. If I'm positive still then I'll have antibiotics during my home birth. I will try to find a Pediatrician who will make a home visit shortly after birth to make sure baby has not been infected.
Have you had a bad experience?

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