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March 28th, 2011, 03:53 PM
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1. What made you decide to homeschool? My DH was homeschooled, private schooled, Christian schooled and finally Public schooled (which is where I met him.) He was adamant from the beginning of our "when we have a family one day" talks that our children would be homeschooled. I said "ok" I love love love it! It works for us!

2. What age is customary to begin "formally" homeschooling? I started up with a curriculum of sorts with DD1 at age 4. I plan to do the same with DS in the fall when he's 4. We registered DD1 as homeschooled when she was in 1st grade as that's the law here.

3. What is the true first step? Is it notifying the local school district? Yes, a letter of intent and here in FL, it's super easy.

4. Do you find that you are mostly supported by friend, family, neighbors or not so much? Yes! A few of my friends find it odd as they're more "mainstream" in their thinking but they are respectful.
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