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March 28th, 2011, 05:58 PM
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Hi, Sadly, I'm new here but hopefully I will not be staying. I am 28 weeks and this is my 2nd pregnancy (I did not have GD w/ the first).

I took my 1 hour last week and I failed the test with 139 as my number. My doctor uses 130 (or 135, honestly I was in shock when they told me I failed) as the the cut off. I know the ADA and many other places use 140 as the cut off. Tomorrow I have my 3 hour test and I am slightly concerned and anxious about it. I eat healthy, but aside from running after my toddler I don't exercise. In general, I am a healthy weight and healthy individual (I know diabetes does not discriminate).

I'm curious, for those of you who are already diagnosed with GD what were your 1 hour results? Thanks.
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