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March 29th, 2011, 08:45 AM
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Thanks for the support and advice ladies! To answer some questions: my husband is as fed up with her behaviors as I am, as are the other two siblings. Everyone sees my step daughter doing ridiculous things for attention and everyone is flat out exhausted. We have literally tried everything to get the behavior to change. We have changed our methods, simplified things, etc. Nothing works. I know we just have to stick it out and hope it will get better as time progresses, but right now I am just ready to throw in the towel!

Perhaps the only good part, for us (the parents) is that the BM of my step daughter is not involved. Unknown if she'll pop up again in the future (we'll worry about that when it happens). We have left the door open to Vanessa (step daughter) to talk about her feelings but she just doesn't exercise that want and let's be honest, who can force her?

Honestly, the BM probably sent her to live here as punishment to us (she groomed her well and taught her these behaviors) and in the past tried to revoke her decision because she was no longer getting child support. The history of the BM is long and disgusting, but I completely understand why we are dealing with these issues. I am just exhausted that after 7 months of having her full time, therapists and teachers telling us we're doing everything right and it not feeling right at all!

I will look into the Big Brothers/Big Sisters thing. Sounds like an avenue that could help! Thanks for that suggestion! Therapy just doesn't work because she doesn't want it and she's too afraid to open up anyway.
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