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March 30th, 2011, 06:47 PM
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Tuesday I had my regular OB apointment and all went well...blood pressure good and heart tones were great.

Today I had my 26 weeks 4 days Level II growth scan with the MFM specialist. Everything looked wonderful...babies are both head down. Baby A (Cole) is really,really low...his head is already part way into my pelvis...I guess that is why I feel like i have a bowling ball down My cervic is nice and long and no change from last scan which is wonderful news!!!!! Oh and the boys were fighting which was sooo cute!!!

At 22 weeks 4 days Baby A weighed 1lbs. 1oz. and Baby B weighed 1lbs. 4oz.

Now at 26 weeks 4 days Baby A weighed 2lbs. 2oz.(97%)and Baby B weighed 2lbs. 5oz.(100%)

They are bigger then most singletons at this stage which is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belly pics I took after my apointment today....

and JoJo wanted to say HI!!!!

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