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March 31st, 2011, 08:57 AM
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It's Week 12! How did I miss week 11? Sorry about that...anyway, on Tuesday I had an OB appt. with an u/s, this is X-posted from the Oct 2011 DDC:

Baby was wiggling around, heart rate was 154, got some good profile shots, and most importantly, NT scan came back normal. The appointment with the peri went well too, met yet another doc from this practice (this would be I think the 4th, 3 of them I met during my stay at the hospital before Jim was born) and he was super nice too. I absolutely love how thorough this practice is, it makes me feel like I'm in really good hands.

Doc said that my thyroid test results came back showing my thyroid may be underactive, just barely. So he wrote me a script for some kind of thyroid medication. Apparently there's some dispute in the medical community about whether having an underactive thyroid is an issue in pregnancy or not, and he said I didn't have to take them, but he'd recommend it. The doc assured us that the meds aren't dangerous because it'll be a very low dose, and they'll be monitoring it closely, so I figure I'll take the meds. Anybody have any experience with this?

We also talked about P17 shots now that they've gone from $10 a shot to $1500 a shot. (If you haven't seen this in the news, do a google search for Makena--I am so mad about it, I could spit.) I told him that we called my insurance and they cover it under the regular schedule, so it should be like a $5 copay for me, thank goodness. He said that's great because they have other moms who aren't so lucky...anyway, before you used to have to go to a compounding pharmacy to get the shots, and now you can (theoretically) get them at a regular pharmacy, although they may have to order them in. So hopefully my Walgreens will be able to hook me up. I will be going to fill the thyroid medicine prescription today and will see if they can get the P17 while I'm there--I'm figuring they'll have to order it to get it in.

He also said that because everything is looking good, I don't have to go to an appointment in 2 weeks and can wait to start the every-2-weeks appointments after the next one, and that's when I'll start the shots too.

On a side note: during the u/s, I mentioned to the tech that Jim has situs inversus (basically, his abdominal organs are all in the wrong place, they're a mirror image of where they usually are, plus he never grew a spleen) so the tech looked closely at the stomach and so did the doc, and they said it looks like it's where it's supposed to be, and so is the heart. So this baby won't have as interesting an icebreaker at cocktail parties as Jim does.

Then during the appointment (after talking about me), he said, "I actually have another patient whose baby was just diagnosed with situs inversus, would you be willing to chat with them about what it's been like for you?" Of course DH and I said sure--they are apparently at the phase where you look stuff up on the internet and freak out, and I'd be happy to help another parent get past that and into the "You mean my kid is actually going to lead a perfectly normal life and this is nothing to worry about? YAY!" phase.

Anyway, I know that was long, but so was the appointment! It was yet another 2 hour affair between the u/s, the appointment, the blood draw, and the wait to talk to the scheduler. The next one will be even longer, I'll be talking to the genetic counselor (since I'll be 35 on my due date), getting my first shot, having a much longer ultrasound, and seeing the doc. And probably having another blood draw, I think. Being high-risk sure is time-consuming!
~Beth in Seattle

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